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Téléphone : 32 2 649 41 91
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Privacy Filter 14in Black

Privacy Filter 14in Black

Référence: BNEPFB1400
Langue: UK


Privacy filters protect laptops and mobile equipment against people who want to look over your shoulder without your authorisation.

By placing a privacy filter over the screen, the screen is blocked to everyone except for the screen user.

"If you look straight at the screen you will see a crystal clear image, but anyone else will see a black-coloured screen. Thanks to the advanced microlouver technology the view is darkened from the side, effectively giving you privacy. Only you can see your confidential information!

The privacy filters are thin and flexible yet solid, and have an extra layer of durable protection against scratches and dust."

Privacy filters protect laptops and mobile devices against people looking at your screen over your shoulder by blocking the image on the screen to everyone except the user of the device.

This means that mobile employees can work safely while out and about, the risk of expensive data breaches is reduced, and it is easier to comply with regulations regarding data protection, including ISO27001.